My Bachelor Thesis Project at the University Of Applied Science And Arts Hannover, Germany dealt with the aestethic of leather and how to simply manufacture a backpack. A unique bag that it produced with just two seams.


What is leather to me? Leather is a sensual material. It smells interesting, enjoyable and special. The suppleness of the skin creates a special haptic experience. The inner and outer skin feels different. These characteristics give the leather its own unique quality. The material is timeless in use, since leather was used centuries ago and it is still used today.

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the food industry. Whereas in the retail industry, the  consumer has no knowledge of where the leather is “born”. Influenced by this phenomenon, I developed a conceptual campaign which shows the manufacturing process of leather in a transparent way.

By developing a label that provides information of the exact process of the raw material, the consumer can decide for himself whether he wants to buy ecological leather or regular leather.

As a result of my research for my  bachelor thesis, I as a product designer wanted to develop a real product which combines the concept of a transparent leather process and a clean, simple and meticulous  design.

Other backpacks offer extras and additional design elements, while this backpack convinces with a clear and timeless design language, craftsmanship and attention to detail. And in turn follows the modern, not the fashion. The special feature of the backpack is the minimal number of seams which simplifies the production of the backpack and reduces costs.

Made with love and craftmanship by JL

Tuesday Oct 5 2021