While working for Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia, United States of America, I developed a series of Audio & Tech products. It is a collection of total 5 products. I was responsible for the product development process, design process, product management, and manufacturing process.


Urban Outfitters is thrilled to announce the launch of UO_TUNE_IN, UO’s first-ever in-house tech line. The Fall 2018. UO_TUNE_IN collection is a lo-fi meets modern hybrid, with each product created in tandem with a top tech factory that updates go-to tech accessories in contemporary colors and shapes. The collection is inspired by current tech trends while remaining influenced in past design with a retro palette, co-mingling sleek greys and blacks with 70s earth tones.

The stand alone piece - a cassette boombox - is a digital take on the unremastered, allowing users to sync their phone through Bluetooth, or play favorite cassettes for a more dreamy retro-pop sound. The collection consists of 4-pieces in total - a compact, coiled USB travel charger; an ellipse-like portable power bank; a circular power strip; and a cassette boombox with Bluetooth capabilities. Each piece is designed with innovative function, signature soft-touch matte casing, fresh colors and are only available at UO.

As the Leading Industrial Designer for Urban Outfitters Audio & Tech home department, I spearheaded the program from its inception through to its production manufacturing feasibility. Collaborating closely with our external engineering team overseas, I oversaw the creation of design concepts, guided model making, and drove the CMF & design development studies. This involved active engagement across various organizational levels, including the Senior Art Director UO Home, Senior Vice Presidents, Head of Design, Product Managers, and Design team reviews.

Retro Futurism: Embracing the Timeless Charm of the Past, Shaping the Bold Future of consumer electronics.

In an era where nostalgia reigns supreme, Urban Outfitters presents a collection that pays homage to the vibrant decades of the past while seamlessly intertwining them with the innovation and creativity of tomorrow. It’s a journey through time, where the past converges to inspire the designs of today and tomorrow.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic consumer electronics and patterns of yesteryears, the collection breathes new life into vintage aesthetics. It’s a celebration of the time-worn, the timeless, and the generation-jumping allure of retro charm. Color takes center stage in our collection, wielded in bold, beautiful, school, and cool ways. Tonal ranges and variations on a single hue create depth and intrigue, while surprising combinations breathe fresh life into timeless classics. It’s a symphony of colors, inviting our audience to embrace the unexpected and revel in the joy of selfexpression.

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Tuesday Oct 5 2021