Jakob Lukosch (born 1987 in Poland) is a German Product– and Industrial Designer. He works in the field of product development, design research and strategy as well as in Art Direction. With his strong analytical sense he creates meaningful products whose goal is to meet human behaviours and needs.

Jakob received his Bachelor of Arts and Science in Product Design and his Master in Art Direction & Design from the Hochschule Hannover - University of Applied Sciences And Arts program. During his studies and after graduating, he held a number of internships, apprenticeships, freelance work and jobs across Europe and the United States with multiple design studios, corporations and companies such as Phoenix Design, KiBiSi, Kilo Design, Rudolph Schelling Webermann and Urban Outfitters in cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Copenhagen, Stuttgart and Munich.

Following his studies, Jakob assisted in the launch of the new products in different companies and design studios. In June of 2014, his first official launch of his Backpack collection was published on different blogs, websites, and magazines. In January 2015 his backpacks were also released on the Berlin Fashion Week SEEK and on the Copenhagen Fashion Week CIFF.  Jakob Lukosch is currently working for NIO at the design headquarter in Munich, Germany as a passionate Senior CMF Designer for the Automotive industry in Interior and Concept Development.

Jakob Lukosch is not specialised in one major design field. He designes consumer electronics, furniture pieces, bikes, kitchen tools, fashion accessories, watches, prints and installations. Challenging and looking outside the box in every new project is a big advantage. Having a different point of view on each product allows him to hybrid things to new unique products. Jakob‘s designs can be defined by their holistic simplicity, geometry, thoughtful use of materials, easy understandable fuction and, attention to detail.  If you want to get to know more about Jakob‘s work please feel free to visit his website, pinterest, instagram or linkedin account.


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Issue 08/14

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