Working at Rudolph Schelling Webermann Design Studio in Hannover, Germany I worked together with the Design Team on a functional and aestehtic design solution for a cathouse. I was heavily involved in all steps from ideation to design. My role was to design and visualize the ideation, by creating sketches and 3-D models. I was deaply involved in all steps from ideation to design, protoyping and production. A cathouse as a piece of furniture. Winner of th German Design Award Special 2017.


The Albergo sets a new standard in design for contemporary cats. The ultimate piece of modular cat ‘furniture’, it provides a beautifully fluid indoor space for cats to climb, scratch, perch and sleep. Conceived by the design team at Rudolph Schelling Webermann design studio for MiaCara, the challenge was anything but simple. Tasked with creating a functional, dynamic and robust piece of furniture that would also fit seamlessly with a modern interior – this would look nothing like a conventional scratching post. With the needs of indoor cats in mind, the object had to appeal to a cat’s natural instincts to climb, sharpen its claws, and take respite from the household – giving it space to perch up high above the action.

The result is an intelligent, multi-functional object, which offers an ever-changing landscape for cats to explore.Freestanding or placed against a wall, the Albergo is comprised of a series of modular cubes, which through the use of connector clips, can be arranged horizontally and vertically in numerous formations. The half-cut design of the cubes provides cats with a private, protected space, while also allowing them full-sight over their ‘domain’. Crafted from elegant and honest materials, the Albergo combines a metal frame with a clear lacquered light ash wood, offering a harmonious and contemporary contrast. The Albergo is truly the perfect marriage between form and function – making it a covetable piece of furniture for design-lovers and cats alike.

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Tuesday Oct 5 2021