My Master Thesis Project at the University Of Applied Science And Arts Hannover, Germany dealt with the aesthetic use of leather, exploration and experimentation with various materials, and how to bring this approach into the real work environment. Jakob Lukosch’s; The Leather Lab, challenges students and creatives to explore the creative limits of the material leather. While knowledge is commonly attributed to experience, fresh ideas often come from fresh minds.


Taking this perspective to heart, designer Jakob Lukosch developed - The Leather Lab, an experimental industrial design course at the University Of Applied Science And Arts Hannover for Product Design. His Master Thesis questions the current manufacturing process of leather.  Jakob Lukosch wants to sensitize the material process by encouraging and promoting experimental work for creatives. In doing so, he will inform and inspire them in their traditional work style with materials or starting a design process.

The starting point of the design process begins with studying and exploring material at its deepest detail. The process continues by transforming that knowledge into a useful and meaningful material process or product application.

Based on this thesis Jakob Lukosch led a course with product design students  and developed different material and product designs Explore the creative limit of the material leather.

With love and craftmanship by JL.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021