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Paper Clips

Normann Copenhagen.

While working at Rudolph Schelling Webermann Design Studio in Hannover, Germany I worked together with the Design Team on different stationary solutions for Normann Copenhagen. I was heavily involved in all steps from ideation to design. My role was to design and visualize the ideation, by creating sketches and prototypes.

Clip it
Use it.

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Organized in a handy 
postcard size.
A core design strategy of Rudolph Schelling Webermann is creating smart, playful, and functional products. The flat metal sheet is a clever solution for organizing paperclips. Inspired by the toy ship or plane models, you can easily pop the paper clip out and it is ready for use.

The Normann Copenhagen thin metal paper clip sheet comes in two different material options - Gold plated and Silver plated, adding a shine to all your papers.

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