During my studies in 2011 at the Hochschule Hannover - University of Applied Sciences and Arts I developed concept InEar Headphones with the nowadays known technology Audio Transparency.


Developed in the year 2011 this concept showed what nowadays innovation is. Audio Transparency allows you to hear your surrounding environment without having to remove the Headphone from your ears. Keep listening to your favorite music, while still being able to hear street noise, train announcements, or people talking to you.

The remote control on the cord is touch sensible and allows the customer to control the sound loudness AND the sound input and output. Thanks to the integrated microphone the environmental sound can be heard in the headphones or not.

30% Environmental sound - 70% Music. This numbers can be changed through the remote control so when the surrounded sound is needed the customer can easily switch.

Hearing Aid Device
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Jakob Lukosch for Sennheiser.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021