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Electric Toothbrush  Sine Wave.

Free own personal project. The SINE WAVE is a smart toothbrush which is sleek, smooth, and simple. It comes with a docking station that charges the toothbrush via induction charging technology. A rubberized surface in the front gives you an extra grip when you need it. The main body and head has a smooth, matte, and soft plastic finish. The back cover has a material contrast to the front of the toothbrush which has a glossy and shiny look.

A smart solution to avoid buying new expensive heads. Instead, of replacing an entire neck+brush module, the customer only replaces the bristles. Just plug, twist, and brush.

1 ––– 3

2 ––– 3

3 ––– 3

The charging dock comes in the same color as your toothbrush. The form has a straight cut front that keeps the angled shape language of the toothbrush. The inside is round and smooth to fits neatly to the contour of the base of the body.

The SINE WAVES comes in 5 unique monochromatic colorways to appeal to different kinds of customers. The standard colorway is a Clean White with a pop of Turquiose. The 4 other colorways come in washed modern tones:
Space Grey, Deep Blue, Bordeaux Red, and
Wasabi Mint.

A light on the bottom and the ring light around
the ON/OFF switch indicates the right brushing
pressure by lighting up RED in addition to a vibration feedback. With this feature you always
know whats the best for your teeth.

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