Innovative and Cohesive, Ushering a New Era - Every new idea originates from the unwavering belief of an innovator who aspires to make a difference. The Smart Electric Executive Flagship NIO ET9 is ready to usher in a new chapter with all the innovative masterminds - A new Era for NIO.


The Flagship
As the Program Lead CMF Designer at NIO for both exterior and interior components, specializing in color, material, and finish development, I spearheaded the program from its inception through to its production manufacturing feasibility. Collaborating closely with both the interior and exterior teams, I oversaw the creation of CMF concepts, guided model making, and drove material development initiatives. This involved active engagement across various organizational levels, including Chief Executive Officer, the Center of Excellence, Senior Vice Presidents, Vehicle Experience Managers, Product Managers, Design teams, and supplier reviews.

The ET9 - Offers the best-in-class materials. Bringing high end Italian craftsmanship to our vehicle interior. Making it the number one choice for our ultra premium and sophisticated user. The ET9 will use the richest and most sophisticated color palette. Moreover, the ET9 boasts a captivating color palette that speaks volumes of sophistication and exclusivity. Designed to captivate the senses, our selection of hues ranges from the classic to the avant-garde, ensuring that every journey is a statement of individuality and style. In a world where excellence is the standard, the ET9 rises above as the epitome of automotive opulence with refined craftsmanship and unparalleled comfort.

A new shape - The landjet silhouette and pure design of ET9 create a confident and poised stance. The 3,250mm ultra-long wheelbase accentuates this flagship’s grandeur and ambition.

Born as a four-seater - The original four-seat layout creates four independent executive spaces, each of which has its dedicated view and experience. Enjoy an executive suite of your own.

Figure of solidity - The solid and rounded rear gives off a vigorous vibe of the ET9, embodying a firm belief in chasing the horizon.

Sense of foresight - AQUILA 2.0 Super Sensing is re-rendered on the ET9, with two wide-angle side LiDARs making the car even more farseeing.

Space of light and shadow - The glass roof with two independently controlled sunshades vivifies the cabin while catering to different needs of occupants.

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Visualisation: Tendril Studio

Tuesday Oct 5 2021